samedi 23 octobre 2010

aGLAe soutient le programme de parrainage de GLA

aGLAe soutient le programme de parrainage de GLA, en association avec "le Sourire de Carline" et "ID"

Si vous souhaitez des détails sur ce programme, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de parrains ....

School Sponsorship Wrapping Up!

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Its getting a little exciting around this office this week. For the first time since we started the School Sponsorship program we have had enough funds donated to send all 284 eligible children to school! I cannot begin to describe what an incredible opportunity this is for all of these children and families! With no government run education system all schools in Haiti are privately operated and have tuition fees. In a country this poor with such a high rate of unemployment an education is a luxury few families can afford. I think this will provide so much hope to so many people who may have lost something or someone on January 12th.
Melissa and Carol pitch in to get things ready!
We have all been working to get tuition ready for the families, get information assembled to send the sponsors, sorting through files to make sure all paperwork is complete and filling in spreadsheets. Susie has been working hard on the entire program since August. She deserves a HUGE round of applause! It could not have come together without her. We will be excited to see the families come through to collect the tuition for the year. We will take lots of pictures to share!
Susie hard at work!

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